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Black Foula Sheep

What sets the Shetland Sheep apart from so many other breeds of sheep is the diverse array of natural colours that can occur within a flock and none more so than the Foula Sheep flock. In fact it often comes as a surprise to people when they learn that not all sheep are white. White wool is a long-held preference selectively bred into sheep that has now become the standard wool colour that we are all familar with. The easiest explanation for this probably lies in the ease of dyeing white wool as apposed to coloured wool. However this is not a trait that has been favoured in Shetland Sheep and especially not so in Foula Sheep, where white is probably the least common natural wool colour.

The Foula Wool colours that we offer for sale are quite simply those same natural colours that you will see out on the Foula hill on the back of the Foula Sheep. These are the real colours of sheep as nature intended and we hope that you will agree they translate into knitting yarn every bit as inspiring as you could wish for, all without the need for any dyes or chemicals.



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